About Moi


Hello Handsome...

Have you ever felt drawn to something mysterious and magical that you can't quite put your finger on? If so, you are in good company..

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gigi and I am a lovely, charming and passionate girl who has spent most of my young life chasing after the allure of the self-actualized existence.

This adventure has taken me through various academic and personal pursuits, including a BA (Hons.) in Drama as well as a post-graduate degree in Psychology, time spent living abroad, an obsession with art, philosophy and metaphysics as well as a lifelong love of deep conversations with just about anyone.

I love to write, laugh, meditate, study, act, paint, people watch, sing, read, dress up, cook, play with children, eat mango, take in culture, dance, travel, smell flowers and roll around with puppies...Not necessarily in that order.

Oh, and one more thing, I absolutely adore flirting and making love.

I am well educated, well spoken, well read and well travelled and I appreciate meeting people from all walks of life who can help teach me more about the mystery of existence. I firmly believe that every encounter in life is an opportunity for transformation and this is the value upon which I base my life- both professionally and personally.

I am seeking to be accompanied by gentlemen who share these similar values and  who can appreciate a lady of honesty, wit and deliciously articulate charm.

If this description resonates with you and you are interested in arranging an encounter, please contact me at gigidelrae@gmail.com or text me at +1 (647)-696-6772 with the date, time, location and desired length of our encounter and we can make the necessary arrangements...

Until then,


Miss Gigi Del Rae


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