Frequently Asked Questions

What draws you to this role?

As a trained performer and therapist, I have played many roles within this one lifetime. This has created a curiosity within me to experience a life beyond mere convention and to meet others who are not afraid to play by their own rules. I enjoy the personal growth that comes from sharing intimate conversations and treat every client as a unique friend, lover and companion from whom I have something to learn. I am a very spiritual person and believe that we are living in times of great disconnection from one another, through this role I am able to make myself a vessel through which I can bring love, joy and warmth to whomever I find myself with.

Do you offer one hour appointments?

Yes, however I am a low volume operator, which means that I have a selective process that ensures quality over quantity. I have a set number of clients that I am willing to see per week and, because I am such a loyal girl, precedence goes to regulars and longer bookings. However, if we already have a professional relationship and you are interested in a one hour booking, I am happy to discuss those details with you personally.

If we are meeting for the first time, I would prefer that the appointment be scheduled for at least ninety minutes so that we can create proper chemistry and ensure a more intimate experience for both of us.

Where does our rendezvous take place?

I am currently offering upscale companionship services to the Toronto downtown area (GTA if discussed prior)  as well as select international opportunities. I am happy to host you at an upscale location or come to your hotel or private residence (assuming proper screening) and/or accompany you to a cocktail gathering, dinner, event, performance, cultural event or otherwise lovely evening,

I am available for limited international travel opportunities, please get in touch if you require a companion for your next adventure.

What do you look like and how old are you?

I thought you'd never ask...

I am naturally blonde (with a bit of touching up here and there) with soft, mid-length hair that gets delightfully messy when I am feeling playful. I have pale skin, light green eyes and pouty lips , which have always been my favourite feature.

I am 5'7 and petite, with adorably natural A cup breasts, a small waist,  long legs and a fetching decolletage- or so I have been told.

I do not have any piercings- other than ears- but I am an art lover and I do have some small, tasteful tattoos on various parts of my body. You cannot see any of them looking at me straight on or from behind in a backless cocktail gown.

A real lady never reveals her age but I can assure you that I am in my late twenties. I could very easily lie and say that I am 23 but I am not looking for the type of client that values a 20 year old over a more experienced, sophisticated woman. I am very well spoken and wise for my age and appreciate the depth that being at the end of my twenties has acquired me, I would expect any potential gentlemen to feel the same.

What services do you offer?

Again, I emphasize the fact that I am a low volume operator and am seeking quality, connection and longevity over quantity, which means that I am not looking for the type of client that wants to discuss precise services.

Every encounter with every client is a uniquely delightful experience that cannot be easily translated into words, lingo or precise offerings.

For those in the know, I would describe an encounter with me as a safe, sensual, connection-based GFE experience with an emphasis on play, flirtation, magic and revelling in the joy of each other's company. 

I have both impeccable manners and personal hygiene and I share the same expectations for anyone that I meet with. 

If precise acts and services is what you are seeking, I suggest contacting any number of other companions and/or agencies that advertise companionship services.

What Can we Do on Our Outing Together?

While I am equally at home in a ball gown or denim shorts, I am a bonne vivante at heart and love to be whisked away for an adventure or taken out on the town for an evening of fun! I adore all things artistic, cultural and intellectual and am always delighted to go to the theatre, Opera, ballet, dancing together, skydiving, symphony, museum, a lecture or just to have cozy cocktails or a delicious dinner at your place of choice. This is your experience as much as mine, so ask yourself what would make you happiest and I'm sure we can accomodate!

I have an extensive wardrobe and love to dress up for any occasion that suits, please let me know if you had any particular look in mind and I am happy to cater- within reason, of course!

What is your screening process?

If we are meeting for the first time (lucky you!), I will require either a telephone confirmation, reference from 2 SP's (Service Providers) from within the last one year or a LinkedIn Profile/Board Handle. Everything is kept 100% confidential and is done solely for the purposes of keeping myself safe.

While I do love me some playful banter, I have a zero tolerance policy for pushiness, rudeness, time wasting and bartering. My rates and screening process are as firm as my adorable little bum. 

While you may have a million questions, please remember that we are both professionals and my time is precious, you can ask me everything that you want when I am sitting across from you in person during our rendezvous!

Do you offer duos?

Yes, I enjoy the company of beautiful women and am happy to help find us a companion for the evening should the desire arise. Please inform me ahead of time and I can arrange for a lady of our choice. Please note that this service is only available to repeat clients and brave boys.

Can I bring you a gift?

Oh, darling, you musn't.

Just kidding, what lovely lady doesn't adore receiving gifts from the heart!

I love all books, flowers and gift cards and wear a size 2 in clothing as well as 34A/Small in lingerie or a donation on my behalf to the Toronto Humane Society. Please note that if you plan on bringing me a food item that I eat a mostly vegan diet with very minimal sugar. Though a few artisanal chocolates certainly never hurt anyone...

Where can I find a review of your services/can I write you a review?

Because of the personal nature of each appointment, I prefer not to have my name mentioned on any review sites. I find the culture of reviewing providers understandable, yet troubling nonetheless. Other than if a safety breach were to arise, I pride myself on practicing 100% confidentiality in my business dealings and I ask that you extend me the same level of courtesy and keep the details of our time together to yourself.

If you are moved to write a testimonial on my behalf, you can email it to and it would potentially be featured on my Twitter feed.

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